The National Museum of Contemporary Art , established in October 2000, is the sole national institution focused only on collecting and exhibiting contemporary Greek and international art in Athens.


Kallirois Av. & Amvr. Frantzi street


The DESTE Foundation aims to broaden the audience for contemporary art, to enhance opportunities for young artists and to explore the connections between contemporary art and culture. The flexibility of DESTE’s exhibition schedule enables the Foundation to respond to what is current in the art world and to embark on interesting projects on short notice. DESTE’s program also extends to curatorial projects and special events that explore the connections between art and fashion, music, film, architecture, design, and contemporary culture.


Filellinon 11 & Em. Pappa street, N.Ionia 142 34

NEON, is a non-profit organization, which works to bring contemporary culture in Greece closer to everyone. It is committed to broadening the appreciation, understanding, and creation of contemporary art in Greece in the firm belief that this is a key tool
for growth and development.


Kunsthalle Athena is a flexible art centre dedicated to the visual culture of our time. Its major objective is to reintroduce
contemporary art and its significance to a genuine public sphere, prioritizing the possibility of co-producing and thus extending culture. Drawing on creative sources of varied origins and providing a vital core of social interaction and exchange, Kunsthalle Athena is constantly informed by the idiosyncrasy and distinctiveness of Athens and its public. Our desire is to emphasize the constant transformation of ‘the polis’ as a symbolic location for the production and dissemination of contemporary culture worldwide. Founded in 2010, Kunsthalle Athena is an initiative of curator and writer Marina Fokidis and remains grateful to its many friends for their generosity and spirit of solidarity.


28 Kerameikou str, Kerameikos - Metaxourgeiο

Elika Gallery is a contemporary art space in Athens, introducing exhibitions from the international and the Greek art scene. The gallery aims to promote contemporary art trends, combined with the flavour of the current contemporary art market.


27, Omirou st., 10672


K-Gold Temporary Gallery

K-Gold Temporary Gallery is a nomadic platform for contemporary art that was founded in 2014 in the Greek island of Lesvos by Nicolas Vamvouklis. It focuses on collaborative approaches to cultural production within its locality and beyond by activating alternative spaces and offering artists and curators the opportunity to expand their research and practice through art commissions, exhibitions, performances, educational programmes and other artistic projects that strongly connect communities. K-Gold Temporary Gallery, beside its activities in Lesvos, collaborates with cultural institutions in Greece and abroad.

Eleni Koroneou Gallery is a contemporary art gallery founded in 1990, in Athens representing emerging and established artists.

Dimofontos 30 & Thorikion 7

CAN gallery is an Athens-based art gallery focused on contemporary art. Established in 2012 by Christina Androulidaki, CAN gallery lies in the heart of Kolonaki, Athens’ prestigious shopping district and focuses on bringing the best of young and emerging local and international art in the city. The gallery presents an intensive program of monthly or bimonthly shows and is one of the most active spaces in Athens. The artist roster displays an accurate representation of form and context that aims to create an environment for viewers and collectors to experience the newest and most challenging in contemporary art. The gallery supports young talent and
works closely with curators, institutions and collectors, promoting their work with a philosophy of producing and presenting thoughtful, exciting, innovative work and thought.


42 Anagnostopoulou str




The owner of the gallery Angeliki Antonopoulou has been involved with contemporary art since 1987. She was a co-owner with Gavrilos
 Michalis of the gallery Epikentro in Patras and in Athens, from 1989 until 2000. Since 2001 Angeliki Antonopoulou has opened a new space with the new name The gallery has a steady contemporary art orientation and it focuses on young and established, Greek and International artists.


20 Aristofanous St. , 4th floor Psyrri 105 54


Rebecca Camhi Gallery almost 20 years, the gallery’s artistic agenda has been focusing on contemporary art by promoting and collaborating with international art figures including Nan Goldin, Nobuyoshi Araki, Julian Opie, Ross Bleckner, Sean Landers, Rita Ackermann, Guy Limone, Tracey Moffatt, Bill Owens, Philip Taaffe, Sylvie Fleury, Karen Kilimnik, Lily Ludlow as well as representing well-known Greek artists in the international arena such as Konstantin Kakanias, Deanna Maganias, Takis, Angelo Plessas, Mantalina Psoma and Nikos Alexiou. Since the beginning, the gallery has participated in numerous international art fairs such as Frieze, Arco, Art Basel, the Armory Show, Art Brussels and has also supported the local art fair of Greece,Art Athina.


 Leonidou 9 Leonidou 9



Kappatos Gallery was established in 1991 by Gerasimos Kappatos. Today is accomodated in a 560m² space on Athinas street, under the Acropolis, in the historic center of Athens, Greece. The Gallery represents Greek and foreign artists, well established
international artists as well as young emerging artists with strong projects and challenging portfolios. The Gallery organizes exhibitions
and projects in its premises and in other private and public spaces. One of the shows that was first organized in 1999 is the annual exhibition entitled “Rooms” in which, with the cooperation of a large number of Curators – Art Historians, it has presented many Greek and foreign first-time shown young artists, mainly visual, but also architects, choreographers, theatrologists and designers, each one proposed by one of the curators.


Athinas 12, 105 54

Kalfayan Galleries are committed to supporting an ongoing intellectual and visual dialogue with emerging and established artists working in a variety of media. Furthermore, a fundamental aspect of the gallery's exhibition program since the beginning is the presentation of the development of art in Greece. The gallery has produced historically researched exhibitions on post-war Greek art and represents the Estates of some of the most important artists of the post-war period. It is this creative interchange between contemporary and post-war art that distinguishes the gallery's philosophy and therefore its contribution to artistic research and discourse. Moreover, at the core of the gallery's objective is the aspiration to serve as a platform of inspiration through collective exchanges and projects.


11 Haritos Str 106 75 Kolonaki

Vamiali's gallery was founded on January 2004 by designer and curator Sofia Vamiali and artist Dimitra Vamiali. It is located in a four storey newly renovated and expanded building in central Athens and was the first contemporary art gallery in Metaxourgio district.
Its programme includes solo and group exhibitions of emerging and established contemporary international artists along with a series of curatorial projects and parallel events initiated by curators, art-connoisseurs and guests.


Samou 1 104 38

George Vamvakidis and Stathis Panagoulis inaugurated the Breeder in November 2002. The gallery represents a group of international and Greek, emerging and established artists. It aims to facilitate the long- term development of their careers, liaising with international galleries, curators, institutions, museums and collectors. Since 2002, The Breeder has successfully introduced select international artists and projects to the Athenian public, while simultaneously presenting Greek artists to the contemporary arts community abroad. Over the last ten years The Breeder has been a pioneer in the development of the contemporary art scene in Athens.


45 Iasonos st, GR 10436

3 137

3 137 is an artist run space in Athens founded by three greek artists. The space is used as a studio and opens its gates 3 to 4 times per year to organize exhibitions as also events such as artist talks, presentations and performances. 3 137 is a meeting point for creation and collaboration. An independent initiative that promotes artistic practices and supports experimental ways of art production, curatorship and presentation.


Mavromichali 137, Neapoli, Exarcheia



A – DASH is an artist-run project space and studios in Athens, Greece. Founded in 2016 by an international group of artists and friends. A – DASH aims to encourage innovative and investigative approaches, crossing borders between different creative disciplines, cultural identities, geographical locations, political economies, crafts and new technologies.

Asklipiou 74

State of Concept Athens

State of Concept Athens is the first non-profit institution with a permanent location and a yearly programme, to operate in Greece. Founded in 2013 by art critic and curator iLiana Fokianaki and based in the neighbourhood of Koukaki at the centre of Athens, it is an independent platform aiming to foster the appreciation for local and international contemporary art and the growth of artistic and curatorial practice.

Tousa Botsari 19.

Hyperlink is an independent nonprofit project, with no established project space. It is a nomad and its curatorial practice is based on a nomadic-hybrid approach, meaning that mobility constitutes an integral part of the project. Hyperlink is an assemblage of artists with an ongoing organizational structure. It was formed organically in 2017 and is constantly forming. It is run by Dimitris Gketsis, Alexandra Koumantaki, Yannis Voulgaris and each time collaborates with different art professionals that clearly mark and define each condition while contributing to the project’s evolution. As a collective who lives in a system full of opportunities thus bereft of opportunities, we are interested in the Artist as curator idea and that aligns with the socio-political statement we follow, shaping this way our context.


Hot Wheels Projects is an Athens based project space founded in a classical Athenian townhouse on the historic avenue of Patission. Hot Wheels Projects provides space for a new generation of Greek and Cypriot practitioners alongside international practitioners. Seeking to engage with the local community. We aim to provide a space for experimentation, collaboration, and critical development.

Patision 41

Hot Wheels Projects

Zoetrope is an artist-run space aiming to explore, nurture and support participatory and collaborative artistic practices with a special focus in photography, artists' book and film.