Since its foundation in 1965, the Museum of Contemporary Art has based its display policy on the representation of the most relevant
artists, periods, movements and tendencies in Yugoslav, Serbian and international art of the 20th century. Furthermore, the Museum held a respectable position on the map of European and international museums of modern and contemporary art, which enabled it to intensely cooperate with relevant foreign museums, galleries, collections, curators and critics. The Museum also takes an active role in the promotion of local art abroad, and has often had the opportunity to organize the appearance of domestic artists at international biennials and triennials (Venice, Sao Paolo, Paris etc.).


Ušće 10, blok 15

Cultural Center REX is a place for contemporary, socially engaged art and analytical cultural practice. Through our programs, we research and present fields of culture and social engagement and fields in which different branches of art overlap. The aim of projects is to educate and empower individuals and groups by articulating their ideas, putting those ideas into practice, developing an understanding of social relations, and using knowledge and skills in a creative way. We devote special attention to young authors and audiences.


16 Jevrejska Street,11000


Center for Cultural Decontamination

Eugster || Belgrade

TkH’s activities are a theoretical praxis in the field of contemporary performing arts, implemented through textual production, self-organization, critical education and cultural policy.


Magacin – Kraljevića Marka 4

Art space U10 is an independent art space created upon the initiative of young Belgrade-based artist Nemanja Nikolić as a reaction to the inability of public articulation and the professional development of young visual artists in the local environment, as well as from the necessity to achieve a more active and visible public artistic activity, through self-organising.


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Belgrade Youth Center functions as a platform for promoting new artists, ideas and initiatives. Additionally, Belgrade Youth Center is a meeting point for domestic and foreign artists. DOB is a member of local, regional and international cultural networks. The Center was founded in 1964  under the auspices of the Secretariate of Culture of the Assembly of the City of Belgrade. The Assembly provides the main funds for the center. DOB organizes numerous programs in the area of modern art and culture, as well as educational-debate programs: around a thousand different programs per year. It aims to encompass all art forms: prose, poetry, music, theatre, film, visual arts, new media and others.


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Remont Independent Art Association is an association of art historians and artists that brings together actors of contemporary art practices of all ages with special emphasis on actual topics. Through the exhibition, publishing, educational, advisory, information and advocacy activities, its goal is to generate, promote and document the development of innovative artistic practices, connect art scenes, ask questions and propose solutions, influence the cultural and other public policies that are related thereto. Its activity contributes to the decentralization of culture in Serbia and to the establishment of international and regional cultural cooperation.


Maršala Birjuzova 7


Galerija12 HUB (G12HUB) is an art and technology centre dedicated to the promotion and development of inter-media arts and performance. It provides state of the art tools for digital research and production; initiating and promoting experimentation on the border line of arts, science and live performance. The G12HUB program structure combines exhibitions, live performances, streamed events, digital encounters, dialogues, debate, presentations and workshops with the aim of promoting cross media and trans disciplinary approaches to art production and interpretation. G12HUB works to develop collaborations with a wide range of international institutions and individuals, opening the space for exchange and exploration between the international scene and local initiatives. Through an intensive knowledge exchange program G12HUB also works to increase the production of younger generation artists and researchers. G12HUB intends to illuminate the potential of performance and inter-media collaboration in the future development of arts production that can transform our understanding of today’s world and its future.


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KURS was established in 2010 in Belgrade. We focus on topics related to problems faced by cultural workers, artists and students, and critically address historical revisionism and the precarization and flexibilization of labor. In our production we combine archive materials and contemporary context , underscoring the topicality of certain themes and bringing them closer to the public.


Djordja Lobačeva 7

The Center for Cultural Decontamination (CZKD) in Belgrade, Serbia, was founded in 1995. A toponym of culture, politics, art and civil society, a public forum, a point of cultural production and education program, the Center is a community which is constantly growing with new collaborating artists, experts, activists, project associates, designers and technicians. In its mission  – struggle against the de-politisation of culture by retrieving freedoms and responsibilities in political shaping of reality, the Center initiates and enhances regional and international collaboration in articulation of practices of emancipation and solidarity in culture.


Birčaninova 21, 11000

Eugster || Belgrade is a contemporary art gallery set in Belgrade. The gallery's mission is to rediscover and nourish the art scene from the Balkans, claiming a new center within its turbulent context and creating a dialogue between the local and the international.

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