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Spheres of Influence - The role of collectors and commercial galleries in Central and Eastern Europe


Registration deadline: 4 May 2020

Easttopics Talks dates: 10-12 September 2020 


Easttopics Talks is a professional development program for art professionals interested in the commercial mechanisms of contemporary art and aspiring to know more about how contemporary art from the Central and Eastern European region is being priced, positioned, sold and collected. It aims to bring together artists, gallerists, museum professionals, scholars, and collectors to share their insights and exchange their knowledge.


Easttopics Talks consists of intense sessions comprising lectures, round-table discussions, studio visits as well as meetings with gallerists and other art professionals. The program gives an opportunity to hear the freshest and most powerful voices of the art world and the stories, strategies and goals that inspire them. It expands on trajectories, methodologies and ideas specific to “trade,” rarely addressed, perhaps even neglected within academic and experimental curatorial programs which usually focus on the public and nonprofit spheres of contemporary art. 


Program pillars:


Day#1 MORNING SESSION 10:00-12:00

Collector’s guide to understand art pricing: 

You have already visited a few art fairs and wrote down the names of artists and works you love.

You are ready to buy, but there is one thing you don’t understand: how are the prices made?



How to start collecting art in your 30s? - Michal Borowick (PL)

Hunting and collecting - Orsolya Hegedüs (HU)

Collecting performances - Amy Bryzgel - Performance Art in Eastern Europe


Day#1 AFTERNOON SESSION 14:00-16:00

The position of Central and Eastern European art in public institutions:

The role of collectors in the dissemination of Central and Eastern European contemporary art.



Péter Küllői / Somlói Zsolt - Katalin Spengler / Csaba Tóth / László Vágó / Judit Reszegi (HU)

Razvan Banescu (RO)

Mark Cucek (SLO)

Petr and Pavlina Pudil (CZ)

Asia Zak (PL/DE)



The current position of midscale galleries:

How to build a consistent gallery programme? Is the ‘program gallery’ a model of the past?



Łukasz Gor­czyca Raster Gallery, Warsaw

Marek Lakomý, Meetfactory, Prague

Mihai Pop, Plan B, Bucharest



Building useful institutions - galleries and research/galleries and large-scale installations

New models of functionning and collaboration



Róna Kopeczky, Easttopics

Barnabás Bencsik, Glassyard Gallery, Budapest

Juraj Carny, Train Gallery and Cultural Center

Áron Fenyvesi, Acb Gallery - Acb Research Lab


Silvia Van Espen, Bratislava, Prague

Marina Vranopoulou, Dio Horia, Deste Foundation, Mykonos 

Viktoria Draganova, Swimmingpool, Sofia

Julia Stoschek, Stoschek collection

Starak Family Foundation 


Ticket: 250 EUR

Get 2 full days of Easttopics Talks including access to all talks, studio visits and museum entries: