Glassyard Gallery

Founded in 2017 by Barnabás Bencsik, curator and former director of Ludwig Museum, Budapest and Tünde Csörgő, entrepreneur and fan of contemporary art. Glassyard Gallery represents and shows Hungarian and international artists, fosters collaborations between for-profit galleries and independent curators.

Paulay Ede utca 25-27.

On the market, the Inda Gallery, supported by the work of curators, is engaged in investment consulting, as well as the marketing, managing and popularization of contemporary classics, talented young painters, sculptors, graphic artists, and artists creating in the field of new media.


Király utca 34. II/4

Contemporary art gallery


Képíró utca 5.


The gallery's mission is to promote the area's emerging contemporary artists and to integrate them into the international art scene by continuing its increasingly active presence at foreign art fairs, and by forgoing partnerships with other international galleries. The gallery’s newly created Panel Contemporary (project room) aims to provide an innovative platform for independent art works and focus on new tendencies.

Bartók Béla út 25.

Contemporary art gallery


Mozsár utca 1.

The Ani Molnár Gallery started its activity in November 2008 in Budapest. The gallery organizes solo and group exhibitions giving
priority to curatorial concepts and considers the presentation of Eastern-European art in Hungary and abroad as a matter of great
importance. Open to all media, special emphasis is placed on installation art. The gallery represents emerging as well as well-established artists with active participation in international art events such as the Venice Biennale, Manifesta, Liverpool Biennial.
Numerous works of its artists are in prestigious public collections and have been exhibited in well-known museums including MoMA, USA; MUSAC, Spain; KUMU, Estonia; Bozar, Belgium; the Ludwig Museum of Contemporary Art, Hungary.


Bródy Sándor utca 36.

ENA Viewing Space in Hungary stages contemporary art exhibitions on the rooftop of a typical dwelling house in Budapest. Founded in 2013 by Péter Bencze. 

Budafoki út 10/C

ENA Viewing Space

Founded in 2003, acb Gallery’s mission is to represent progressive contemporary art in Hungary and internationally. The young and mid-generation artists represented by the gallery share the characteristics of conceptual principles, regardless to media they work in.

Established as a subsidiary of acb Gallery in September 2015, acb ResearchLab focuses on research, filling a gap in the processing and publication of Hungarian neo-avant-garde and post-avant-garde oeuvres, with regard to the context of current international discourses.


Király utca 76.

VILTIN Gallery aims to introduce contemporary fine art authentically and without age-related priorities, at the same time honouring our
predecessors. Thus, we gathered our circle of artists according to current criteria, alongside young and upcoming artists, also giving
way to the middle and older generations, who have already universally proved themselves.By monitoring the trends of both local and international contemporary art, we assume a significant and successful role in introducing their artists abroad, thereby broadening awareness and recognition of Hungarian contemporary fine art and its collectors’ circle. At the same time, the portfolio that reflects our professional commitment is completed by the representation of foreign artists in Hungary.


Vasvári Pál utca 1.

Trapéz is a brand new gallery in the center of Budapest for contemporary art with a very special international program in a broad
spectrum of media.


Henszlmann Imre utca 3.

Contemporary art gallery


Nagymező utca 47


Budapest and Vienna based contemporary art gallery


Liszt Ferenc tér 10

Vintage is a contemporary art gallery that was founded in 1997 and specialised in Hungarian photography, with a focus on Modernism, on the neo-avantgarde generation as well as on a younger scene of contemporary new-media artists. The gallery also cares for part of Bauhaus artist László Moholy-Nagy’s archive.  


Magyar utca 26.

Contemporary art museum, kinetic and op art artworks


Szentlélek tér 6.


Trafó House of Contemporary Arts in Budapest, a receptive venue unique to Hungary, is embedded in the international contemporary scene, where the various genres – theater, dance, new circus, music and other visual arts – are presented in an individual and authentic manner.


Liliom u. 41.

The Translocal Institute is devoted to fostering and promoting transnational research into contemporary art and making this knowledge
publically available.


Dembinszky utca 10 II 33 is a space which cultivates encounters of different formats and contents and does so in constant mediation. We follow the idea that artistic and curatorial thinking- including both theory and practice – produces an excess of knowledge which can be recycled and used in a broader social discourse. Our ambition is to create a space where culture is produced, rather than perceived, where values are tested and can be debated – especially in awareness of a conservative backlash. tranzit. hu welcomes art and ideas that are under-represented (e.g.: in art history, cultural industries, and policies) or excluded elsewhere, because being difficult, out of fashion, unsellable or not straight.


Magdolna utca 5-7.

The Ludwig Museum – Museum of Contemporary Art is the most important museum of international contemporary in Hungary and a government-funded public institution. Following the agreement between the Ludwig Foundation (Aachen) and the Hungarian state, the institution was established in 1991 for the presentation of the artworks donated by the couple of collectors Peter and Irene Ludwig. Since then, the development of the collection and later the exhibition program - not directly linked to the collection - focusses mainly on post-1960s international, regional and Hungarian art.


Komor Marcell u. 1.

Founded in 2015, Horizont Gallery works with Hungarian and international contemporary artists active mainly in the fields of painting, installation art and new media. The gallery showcases progressive and experimental artistic practices in the framework of exhibitions, art fairs and other projects in and outside Budapest. The antecedent of the gallery is the art management agency Inventio Arts that, due to the kick-off of the gallery, suspends its activites until further notice.


Zichy Jenő utca 32 

Kassák Museum

Founded in 2008 ART+TEXT Budapest focuses on modern and contemporary art and photography’s most interesting artists and unquestionable representatives’ works.


Honvéd utca 3



The Studio of Young Artists’ Association (FKSE) is a professional organisation counting about 450 artists, art historians, and critics among its members. The objective of the association is to facilitate their emergence and in the cultural and artistic life by fostering the establishment of professional contacts and strengthening their presence in local and international exhibitions as well as residency programs. The association also helps Hungarian and foreign curators and artists to get in closer contact with the young Hungarian art scene in order to build collaborations. The permanent exhibition space of the Studio of Young Artists’ Association is the Studio Gallery, which provides an opportunity for the ever-current new generation of the Association members to organise their first individual exhibitions. The aim of the gallery is to provide space for progressive projects dealing with the most current artistic and social issues.


Rottenbiller u. 35. /

The ACAX | Agency for Contemporary Art Exchange is an independent, non-governmental initiative. Its primary goal is to build and strengthen the networks between the local and international visual art scene, to facilitate and support the presence of the contemporary Hungarian art abroad. Through a wide range of programs, ACAX initiates and maintains continuous professional exchange and collaboration between the members of the Hungarian and international art communities. ACAX is also taking care of Check-In Budapest, a curatorial visitor program which aim is to facilitate international art professionals to become acquainted with the actors and current trends of the Hungarian art scene. The agency was founded in January 2006, conceived, initated and developped by Barnabás Bencsik.


Jurányi utca 1–3.


The Kassák Museum belongs to the Petőfi Literary Museum and operates since 1976. The function of the museum is to preserve the material and intellectual legacy of Lajos Kassák (1887 – 1967, writer, editor, artist) to study it with scientific approach and to present it as a colorful experience to visitors. It aims to be an acknowledged location of Kassák researches carried out in the region and to become a factor in the international research of modernism. In its revamped overall concept, temporary exhibitions - opening a window on contemporary art as well - are meant to present avant-garde and modernism in their art history, cultural, and social contexts.


1033, Fő tér 1.

Artpool Art Research Center

Artpool is a non profit alternative art institution in Hungary, with the objective to register changes in art, to present and document the most interesting art experiments and to promote artistic communication. The continuity of Artpool's activity is maintained through publications and the building of personal relationships. Artpool contributes to parallel projects and processes in creative and communicative ways and organises its own events related to its specific topics. The archive expands through calls for projects, co-operation and exchange as well as circulating information and enlarging the network.


Liszt Ferenc tér 10.



Chimera-Project operates on an international level and is dedicated to a professional exhibition program that generates meaningful discourse in contemporary art. Our exhibitions reflects the roots of Hungarian neo-avantgarde and includes recent conceptually grounded artistic practices from Hungary and Central Eastern Europe.

C³ Center for Culture and Communication Foundation

C³ Center for Culture and Communication Foundation is a not for profit institution for innovative experiments and developments related to art, communication and culture, its main focus being the fostering of meetings and cooperation among spheres of art, science and technology. The aims of C³ are the research, development and support of innovative artistic potentials, the initiation and realization of art, science, communications, educational and cultural programs, the production, presentation and preservation of media art. One of C³’s main objective is to ensure the space and opportunity for open information exchange for dialogue related to media culture, and to make the results of these accessible to the wider general public. Since 2005 C³ organize an annual creative computer competition for the young generation (under 19) including workshops and exhibition.


Szpáhi utca 20.

Várfok Gallery is one of the first privately founded galleries after the political changes of '89, showing contemporary art in Hungary
that has been able to function continuously to this day. Károly Szalóky founded it under the name Várfok 14 Műhelygaléria/Várfok 14 Studio Gallery in 1990.


Várfok utca 11

The ISBN is an art bookstore and a contemporary art gallery. The name of the gallery was obtained from the 13-digit identification number for publication, the ISBN-number (International Standard Book Number).  The most important mission of the ISBN – books+gallery is the mapping, collecting, exhibition and distribution of domestic and regional, Hungarian and foreign language, new and second-hand contemporary art publications, exhibition catalogs, zines, art books, photobooks and theoretical publications.

Víg utca 2

ISBN books+gallery

Műtő is a non-profit project room, exhibition space and studios, run and curated by artists working in interdisciplinary fields in Budapest.

Kende utca 1.