Montenegrin art gallery "Miodrag Dado Djuric" was opened as part of the National Museum of Montenegro on May 18th 2012 in the reconstructed building of the former trading company TRGOPROMET. In this way for the first time in Montenegro was implemented an exhibition area in which, in addition to paintings, sculptures, prints, drawings, and installations,various forms of media can be represented: digital art, intermedia research, conceptual art, performance, happening.


Dvorski Trg 1, Crna Gora

The Art Exploration Center 42° of the Faculty of Fine Arts was established in 2010 in Cetinje aiming to promote the contemporary art
and its production. The Center’s program provides the international and domestic artists’ visits, as well as the Faculty’s teaching staff and students’ artistic work presentation. The Gallery is located within the Art Exploration Center 42°. The gallery was designed and implemented according to the latest modern standards and is one of the most beautiful exhibition spaces in Montenegro. There are two apartments within this gallery offering accommodation for the visiting professors as well as for the artist in residence program.


Bajova 150

The Institute of Contemporary Art was established in 2012 with the aim to promote contemporary arts in Montenegro and cultural co-operation between Montenegro and countries in the region. The organization works both in and out of Montenegro: Activities in Montenegro focus on bringing together artists and people in the field of arts from the region in order to address common issues on contemporary arts and culture via discussions, exhibitions, production and publications. Activities out of Montenegro take the form of international meetings, conferences, workshops, prizes and scholarships as well as international exhibitions and fairs with the aim to promote cultural diversity.


Gipos V/2/2, Cetinje 81 250