The project started at the beginning of 2009, as an independent initiative to bring together ideas, events and projects of cultural organizations, galleries, producers and independent artists in Cluj and as a reaction to the local lack of production and exhibition spaces in the city.


Strada Henri Barbusse 59-61


Lateral ArtSpace is a non-profit artist-led exhibition and project space located at the Paintbrush Factory in Cluj-Napoca, Romania.
It is dedicated to local, national and international emerging artists. Lateral was founded in April 2012 and is coordinated by three
Romanian artists: Dragoș Bădiță, Cristina Curcan and Lucian Indrei. The project started as a response to the lack of exhibition possibilities for emerging artists. Lateral ArtSpace is open to various projects and collaborations, workshops and interdisciplinary research.


Strada Henri Barbusse 59-61

Plan B opened in 2005 in Cluj, Romania. Initiated by Mihai Pop and Adrian Ghenie, Plan B functions as a production and exhibition space for contemporary art; at the same time it is a research center focusing on the Romanian art of the last 50 years, by revealing works of remarkable artists without previous international exposure.


Strada Henri Barbusse 59-61 has the particularity of being itself a network, activating in three permanent spaces in the cities of Iasi, Cluj and Bucharest. Through a wide range of activities, experimenting different methodologies of working and collaborating, aims at establishing itself as an innovative platform dedicated to contemporary art. Founded by a collective of curators and artists from Romania (Matei Bejenaru, Livia Pancu, Lia Perjovschi, Attila Tordai-S, Raluca Voinea), aims at encouraging contemporary art practices developed in Romania within different local socio-cultural contexts, through a wide range of activities.


Str. Sámuel Brassai nr. 5

Baril is interested on emerging or established artists, as well as curators who are willing to experiment. Baril promotes contemporary art practises including, new media, video, sound, design, literature and live arts, painting or photography.


Henri Barbusse 59-61


Sabot was founded at the beginning of 2009, as an attempt to verify the raison d'être of a gallery in the third millennium. Its initiators are Daria D. Pervain, former art critic and journalist, and Marcel Janco, a Romanian born, Turin-based art critic and curator.

Hidden relationships, longtime friendships, communality, fictional identities and situations blurring the barrier between public and domestic — these are the main, statutory highlights of Sabot. Sabot refrains from prognostication and aims at having an elastic, almost unshaped format, able to take artist form. A project incubator, a generator, moreover an eccentric travesty of a gallery. We embrace curatorial and commercial models without solution of continuity. We raise questions rather than spell predictable truths, by sabotaging the fundamental division between high and low culture, process and result, art making and curating.


Henri Barbusse 59-61


Community of art-makers & distributors of contemporary art based in Centrul de Interes Cluj.

str. Fabrica de Chibrituri 9