DZYGA Art Association

DZYGA Art Association is a conglomeration of artists, musicians, writers, scientists, journalists, public figures, businessmen assembled by different kinds of cultural, creative projects and objects. It supports, provides and promotes the development of all possible contemporary art genres: painting, graphics, sculpture, installation, performance, happening, iconography, land art, body art, photography, as well as music, literature, theater, film production, or multimedia. DZYGA revolts against mass uniformity and conformism, against marginal kitsch, stereotypes and passiveness, against indifference and vulgarity. It happens, DZYGA doesn't stir, just observes…, sometimes. Its basic principles are freedom of self expression, social responsibility (moderate one), creativity, cherishing of its own psychological complexes, movement and excessive ambitions, and what’s the most important – its subjectivity.


Virmens'ka St, 35

The Museum of Ideas is an artistic project initiated in 1992 by Ole Dzyndra, a local artist from Lviv. Its aim is to collect and to exhibit the ideas in the field of actual art, including the virtual creative energy connected with the imitative process and search for new methods in the dialogue between artist and spectator. It also functions as a space where a variety of artistic ideas and projects are implemented and developed, inspired by the multicultural and multilingual past and present of the region.


18-a Valova str.