“Ў” gallery is an active art-platform which unites gallery space, hand-made and design accessories shop, a bookshop and a café.

One of the most important directions of “Ў” gallery activity is educational: organization and carrying-out of seminars, round-tables and other culture events in the field of art-criticism, art-management and curatorship with the participation of Belarusian and foreign specialists. The aim of these educational events is to accumulate around the gallery not only artists but also critics and analysts, to create conditions for critic-analytical environment. Organizing exhibitions and cultural events together with these specialists we will be able to develop modern standards of presentation and assessment of contemporary art, which will promote contemporary and actual art in Belarus.


Nezalezhnasty av. 37a



The Office for Anti-Propaganda was founded by Marina Naprushkina in 2007.  Started as an archive on political propaganda with the focus on Belarus the „The Office for Anti-Propaganda“ drifted to a political platform. In cooperation with activists and cultural makers „Office“ lounges and supports political campaigns, social projects, organizes protest actions, and publishes underground newspapers.





The Museum of Modern Art - one of the youngest to date museum structures in Belarus. It was created by the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus № 704 of June 13, 1997 In September of that year, the Minister of Culture of the Republic of Belarus was appointed director of the museum Sharangovich Vasily Petrovich. People's Artist of Belarus, Professor VP Sharangovich for several generations of Belarusian artists - a teacher, head of the Alma Mater. For many years he headed the department of graphics, and later - the rector of the Belarusian State Theatre and Art Institute, now the Belarusian State Academy of Arts. In the areas referred to pr.F.Skoriny, 47 till May 1998 was completed repairs. Opening of the exhibition halls on 18 May of that year, and the first exhibition, entitled "New Collection" has begun an active exhibition of the Museum of Modern Art.


Independence Avenue, 47