The Art Stations Foundation by Grażyna Kulczyk was established in 2004, as the Kulczyk Foundation. The goal of the Founder, Grażyna Kulczyk, was to support the development of culture and art. The mission of popularising culture and art, in addition to facilitating and increasing their availability to the public, was consistently accomplished through the Foundation’s various exhibition projects and grants. In 2008, in connection with plans to build a museum, the Foundation changed its name to the Art Stations Foundation. From the beginning of its existence, it has been continuously operating to implement its artistic and social mission.


Półwiejska 42 61-888 


Project of the team Art Foundation Czapski enables Artists to present their work with the complicity of new media and real inspiring events. Where passion meets with talent, and where love to art creates unusual space for meeting the spectator with the artist. Through interactive media, conferences, trainings, exhibitions, Czapski Gallery enables to everyone direct contact with artist as well as with the creation processes.


ulica Wawrzyniaka 39 wejście C, II piętro, 60-502


Galeria Miejska Arsenał holds exhibitions, organises educational activities, and issues a range of publications, including the online art magazine Punkt. It also makes itself available for interdisciplinary activities, opening the gallery to areas of culture outside the world of contemporary art. Arsenał also collaborates with local academic institutions and other cultural institutions in Poznań. The gallery is involved in building a collection of artwork (as part of the Wielkopolska Society for the Encouragement of the Fine Arts) and is building its own collection of artwork by artists who exhibit at Arsenał).


Stary Rynek 6, 61-772


MAK Gallery is a contemporary art gallery representing and promoting the most interesting Polish artists. We seek to unearth and highlight radical phenomena of contemporary art, and bring out the potential of emerging, or evolving art scenes.


Śląska 20


Rodríguez Gallery Foundation is a contemporary art gallery founded in 2015 in Poznań, Poland. We work with both emerging and mid-career artists. Our main goal is to present and promote, what we consider, the most interesting phenomena in Polish contemporary art.

At the same time we are developing an international program. By showing artists from different backgrounds we would like to enrich the artistic panorama in Poland and stimulate a fruitful confrontation of ideas. 

ul.Wodna 13/4

Rodríguez Gallery