Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art of Rijeka will creatively approach the tradition of modernity and vivid reality of contemporary art to generate dynamic, open and critical environment in which the general public will gain understanding and affinity for the art of today.
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SIZ or the Self-managed interest community is an association of authors who are approaching the art market collectively. Materialistically grounded in social reality, SIZ Gallery, has chosen to confront the problem of financing artistic practice on the ideal and
practical level. Drawing from historical avant-garde, which has due to mostly ephemeral artistic practices experienced the dissolution of the concrete art object that can be marketed (to which the art market has continuously adapted) SIZ considers the economical exchange of artistic goods and questions new social frames that grow from modified economical models.


Ul. Josipa Jurja Strossmayera 7c


Artists-run space Delta 5, gathers a group of artists on the location of an ex industrial complex in Rijeka. The space of Delta 5 is divided into a number of ateliers/studios and one project room which is used for presentation, production and social purposes of the members and associates of the organisation. The artists of Delta 5 share their interest in the field of production and promotion of contemporary art, design, their critical reflection and reception in public.


Delta 5,51000