CAC - Skopje is non-for-profit cultural centre dealing with issues of culture, cultural decentralization and development. The main aims of CAC – Skopje are to initiate activities in order to improve the general level of art and culture in Macedonia; to establish a sustainable cultural scene in the country; to improve the overall cultural life in Macedonia and to create a ground for de-centralized social and cultural life.


bul. Goce Delcev, DTC Mavrovka Lamela A 1/10 1000


The Museum of Contemporary Art is the most competent and influential institution in the Republic of Macedonia in discovering, treasuring and preserving the great value of the art and culture of our age. It houses a precious international collection and provides a representative insight into modern Macedonian art. In addition to its collection, the Museum organizes major exhibitions and events of Macedonian and foreign art, discussions with artists, panels, film and video presentations, lectures and a variety of other activities.


Samoilova bb, POBox 482



LOKOMOTIVA-Centre for New initiatives in Arts and Culture is an NGO created in 2003 and in the past six years of working, teams of Lokomotiva have developed and implemented over thirty projects (film, performances, educative/training programs, debates, discussions, exhibitions etc.), in which, the regional and international cooperation, have always been a priority. Lokomotiva aims to develop new models of cultural production and policy through different activities in the fields of contemporary arts, focusing on performing arts (contemporary dance), video, experimental and documentary films.


Gjuro Gjakovic 39/3



Press to exit

Press to exit project space was established in 2004 by artists Hristina Ivanoska and Yane Calovski as a special program-based artist initiative for research and production in the field of visual arts and curatorial practices. The three main programs of activities are: The Visiting Curatorial Initiative is set up to provide an opportunity for emerging international curators to research and produce new projects in Macedonia, to share their knowledge and gain understanding of the local and regional cultural context; The New Project Productions series is designed to engage emerging artists, curators, designers and cultural theorists in residences and production of new content reflecting on social, cultural and political realities; Lectures, publications and exhibitions explore ways of generating ideas, projects and collaborations with artists and curators from Macedonia, Europe and beyond.


c/o Orce Nikolov 58/1-5

Serious Interests Agency

Serious Interests Agency is an independent project space, based in Skopje, Macedonia. SIA promotes socially engaged creative and theoretical practices. SIA supports artistic, curatorial and theoretical/research activities, including urban and architecture related research. SIA is interested in work that investigates, observes, analyzes and constructively and creatively responds to our local context.

SIA engages with a wide range of media: public exhibitions, online exhibitions, residencies, presentations & open discussions, as well as publications. Directors and initiators of SIA are Nada Prlja (artist) and Daniel Serafimovski (architect and educator).


Gorgi Peskov 6 (Boemska Ulica, nad Cardak)