The opening of the ICA–Sofia Gallery was made possible by the dedicated conviction of Slava Nakovska and Nedko Solakov that it was not only absolutely necessary to have the gallery but that it was also possible to realize it in the rather thin and amnesic Bulgarian cultural space and especially by their strategic and persistent efforts on its materialization.


134, Vasil Levski Blvd.


ONE MONEV GALLERY opened its 160sq. meters space in the heart of Sofia in November  2017. The gallery has cultivated a highly focused program with an emphasis on new sculpture, minimalism, chromatic-ism, shape and tension. The gallery represents an intimate selection of both emerging and mid-career international artists. With one of the largest commercial spaces in Sofia,  and is located on the corner of 14 Ivan Vazov Str. and The 6th of September Str. in Sofia, Bulgaria.


Corner of 14 Ivan Vazov Str. & The 6th of September Str.


The idea behind One-Night Stand, which took for a name the popular English phrase for a brief sexual encounter, is to be a gallery of inventions. Its founders have put aside the well-known rules of work, regular working hours, and staff, and have shifted focus to the most public, sublime and solemn moment for each exhibition – the opening. In the gallery, just as on a date, works will be shown within a single night, and during the pre-announced hours only.

Hristo Belchev 25

One-Night Stand

The main concept behind the project is to express the layers of each individual age of culture and sense. Such approach reflects to a certain extent the structure and behavior of the works of contemporary art themselves. The existing metal fence de-limiting the "boundary" between the South Park lawn and the terrain managed by the museum is transformed into a glass "curtain". Thus, the border of the new complex and creating a borderline space between the volume of museum’s existing fence and the new glass "curtain". The purpose of that space is to house a part of the exhibits in the open air such as sculptures, installations, etc.


2, Cherni vryh Blvd.

SWIMMING POOL is a space for art in Sofia. We develop our programme through international collaborations and exchange of ideas. Our main objective is to strengthen the dialogue between the local and international art scenes and fostering awareness of the realities of a globalized world.


10 Tsar Osvoboditel Blvd., 5th floor

THE FRIDGE is place for independent art — art which does not let being patronized and castrated. Art that takes the risk to be responsible for itself. It is established in 2009 by Natalia Todorova and Ivana Nencheva.

Parensov 6-b


Structura is committed to promoting new and innovative artistic positions in all media, to identifying current tendencies in the art, and to evaluating individual artistic developments.

9, Kuzman Shapkarev str


+359 Gаllery is located in the building of the preserved water tower in Sofia. The architecture of the building has provided other than being a hydraulic structure, to serve also for a watchtower. Today, this historical Landmark of Sofia is a space for contemporary art.

21 Galichitza str.

+359 Gаllery

Æther is an independent art space in the heart of Sofia, it started its activities in spring 2016. It seeks to offer a possibility for experimentation and generate a critical feedback on the contemporary obscurities of living through art, science, politics and activism.

It wishes to engage and bridge the local and international art scene in different propositions and activation of collective rituals and thinking. It asks for strengthening the dialogue between artists and its audience. Micro-society, which purpose is to deliver an autonomous ground for sharing and reflection, where different ways of communication intersect, shaping new ideas about art, history and the present states of both beings and affairs.

ul. "Knyaz Boris I" 39


Foundation for contemporary art and media

Foundation for contemporary art and media is founded in February 2016, Foundation for contemporary art and media is a non-profit organisation run by Martina Yordanova, Galya Krumova and Petya Krumova. Its Headquarter is based in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. The Foundation’s missions are to both support the cultural and creative sector, and to convey the context in which artworks and the general public can meet. The organisation brings together actions that are initiated by the board of directors to promote the creation of contemporary art: exhibitions, artists presentations, multicultural projects, publications, art promotion and education towards communities. Foundation for contemporary art and media will produce two to three exhibitions a year on different venues in the city of Sofia, including a collective show or art in public spaces. Its program particularly focuses on solo exhibitions, which give international artists the opportunity to produce new projects and new artworks. The Foundation’s art policy recurrently explores questions relevant to contemporary art, architecture and urbanity. It aims to promote the circulation of cultural and creative works and the mobility of cultural and creative players, in particular of artists, transnationally.

Vaska Emanouilova Gallery

Vaska Emanouilova Gallery is a museum centre and exhibition space for contemporary art and young artists. Its mission is to expand the knowledge and access to art and culture by working towards the preservation and rationalisation of the historical heritage and the implementation of a bridge between the generations. In addition to the permanent exhibition of works by Vaska Emanouilova, the gallery maintains three programmes, within which temporary exhibitions are displayed. The museum programme is connected with the sculptress’ donation and the archive of the gallery. The programme features exhibitions of historic artists in Bulgarian art, and includes the conducting of research and realisation of publications. The programme contributes to the continuous update of the archive, which has kept documents about the personality and work of Vaska Emanouilova and the history of the Bulgarian visual arts since 2007. The main exhibition activities of Vaska Emanouilova gallery are connected with two programmes for contemporary art, which show the current trends and topics in the work of mostly young artists.

15, Qnko Sakyzov bul