Tirana Art Center started in 2007 as a center for contemporary art. Due to lack of funding, the center was transformed into a Project for contemporary art. It’s an irony the fact that the name Center doesn’t match at all what the Tirana Art Center is in reality. Tirana Art Center does not have its own space. Starting with the first exposition, Tirana Art Center has been functioning as a satellite project in the territory of Tirana, and not only, where for the realization of a new project, the collaboration with one or many art institutions is needed. This method has worked as a perfect machinery up till now by using the existing parallel art structures of art in Albania, and above all, helped by the intelligence of specific projects from selected artists.


Rruga e Elbasanit, P.2, Sh.1/2



The result of a bold initiative, Tirana Art Lab is a one-of-a-kind presence in Albania’s cultural life. Founded in 2010, this contemporary art centre aims to promote emerging artists from Albania as well as other Central, Eastern and Southern countries in Europe. The center is process and research oriented and through different events like, residencies, exhibitions, workshops, lecture performance, lectures and talks as well as publications aims in creating a space for critical and reflexive thoughts to emerge. TAL initiates and supports projects, artists and art works that engage critically with Albanians reality and in general with the current neoliberal capitalists world order. In a very short period of time, Tirana Art Lab managed to become a key organiser of numerous cultural events and is cruelty building a laboratory for artistic production and a library of contemporary art books. Tirana Art Lab operates from a multifunctional exhibition space located in the centre of Tirana. 


Rr. Ymer Kurti, Pallati 2/1, Apt. 1, 1001




TICA is the first centre for contemporary art in Tirana. It offers a much needed permanent platform for Albanian and international contemporary art in Albania. During the last years, the Albanian scene has thrived with various events of different size or quality. The Tirana Biennale has been Albania's most ambitious art event, however a biennale only takes place every second year and this leads to a serious discontinuity in the art scene that also suffers from a highly limited institutional respective private support. TICA has thus been an important complement to support a vital art scene on a more continuous basis through a diverse program supported by a light and flexible organizative structure that has allowed for exhibitions, film screenings and performance events as well as to create a forum for discussions and debates about art, politics and power.


c/o Delta Publicity, Rr. Luigj Gurakuqi, Pall 89, Sh. A, Kati 12



Tirana Ekspres is a non-profit organization initiated by artists, activists, environmentalists, policymakers, social-business undertakers and researchers whose purpose is to enhance the cultural & artistic perception and expression in Tirana and even beyond  . Our goal is to work in strong partnership with the community as we pursue the good work of leveraging the potential of art by creating and organizing inspiring events, network of activists and long-term projects. The alternative culture scene we present, offers the freedom of expression to the community who surpasses the discriminatory barriers as gender,religious,political orientation or economic/social  levels leading to a more empowered  synergistic society. We intend as well to contribute to a sustainable development of environment through the promotion of clean-up actions & eco-tourism. TE endows with non-formal and informal education tools to achieve its goals and organize its activities related to culture,environment, Eco-tourism and social business.


Rr. Dritan Hoxha, ish-shkolla e partise



Zeta Art Center & Gallery started its activity in 2007. It is a non- profit center focused on visual arts that promotes collaborative, professional practices between the artists and curators, critics, researchers and other art professionals in order to contribute to the establishing of an active contemporary art scene in Albania.

Zeta-s goal is to cultivate public and promote contemporary art we consider an inherent characteristic, of emancipated societies through; exhibitions, presentations, collaboration projects in local, regional and international level as well other cultural activities.


Rr. Abdyl Frashëri, Nr: 31, A/4, Hekla Center



Gallery On the Move (GOM) started on 2008 as a curator project in Tirana. Then GOM, given the  On The Move syncronym tranformed into a satallite project with an objective to collaborate with other institutions. The idea of working at the same space didn’t suite our project. It’s like wearing and taking off the same body. For this reason we decided to designate the Tirana space merely as an office. During this period we have collaborated with various institutions, starting from commercial galleries, academies, centers for contemporary art, biennales etc. What is important is the common understanding and collaboration with our partners and colleagues, despite their status or place.


Rruga e Elbasanit, P.2, Sh.1/2


TULLA is a cultural center dedicated to educational activities: art-management, social and art criticism, curatorship, seminars, round-tables and other culture events in all fields of arts.


Rruga Hiqmet Delvina




Harabel is a Contemporary Art Platform that focuses on the promotion of public art and the creation of an open archive of artists’ portfolio in Albania. Born out of the necessity to make contemporary art a commonwealth, free and accessible to all, Harabel opens in 2018 in ish-Blloku, an area situated in the heart of Tirana; inaccessible to citizens during communism, this area is today the most vibrant and young of the capital. Harabel aims to become a catalyzer of urban interventions and indoor reflections, by offering an interdisciplinary space for experimentation and research. Harabel has a sustainable collaboration with contemporary artists, alongside researchers, curators, architects, sociologists, publishers, scientists and other professionals, with the intention to involve the city in its diverse social and educational aspects. Harabel was founded by cultural promoter Ajola Xoxa and artist Driant Zeneli.

Rruga.Brigada VIII




M.A.M was founded in September 2013 in TIrana, by Albanian contemporary artists in a spirit of community, hoping to assist and encourage innovation, experimentation and potential in arts. How will it work: Grant Support for all forms of contemporary arts in Albania( theatre, visual arts, dance, film ect..); Stimulation the creation of a new concept of future-art and generation of new artists; Supporting projects in the field of education and livelong learning in culture and arts; Building a national and international functional system for launching new artists and for the realization of international projects; Creating a map of national and international partnerships in the field of contemporary arts.


Rr. Gjon Muzaka 18/2



Art Kontakt emerged from the growing demand for establishing a dynamic and contemporary cultural scene in Albania since 2007. The Organisation’s Activities are based on the principles of respect, protection and implementation of fundamental human rights and freedoms as stipulated by the Constitution, laws and international recognized and adopted conventions.
Art Kontakt foresees to be a primary actor of this scene through the promotion and implementation of cultural exchanges and artistic initiatives in various fields, such as: contemporary art, cultural heritage cultural tourism. Art Kontakt also assists interested bodies in improving and furthering the field of art management in Albania. To achieve its mission, Art Kontakt collaborates with various public cultural institutions, foundations and associations.


Rr. Luigj Gurakuqi 89/a, kati 10