Promenade Gallery is a highly professional platform dedicated to promoting contemporary art in Albania. Conscious of the modest size of the country and its means, both the official and independent initiatives, Promenade Gallery has provided the missing link for the country’s contemporary art needs. Promenade Gallery is proud to offer a wide range of genres and techniques in the media of art. Promenade Gallery’s character is international and its art is carefully selected from a wide range of backgrounds and nationalities. The gallery collaborates regularly with numerous galleries and institutions mainly in Europe, but also overseas. Promenade Gallery’s objective is to provide a professional stage for contemporary art and stimulate the artistic debate. It aims to present and foster new horizons in art. Prior to running a commercial gallery, Mr. Shabani has experience as a painter in Turin, Italy, and still continues his long career as a painter. His passion for collecting art pieces eventually led to the founding of this contemporary art gallery in Vlora, the most beautiful city in the Albanian Riviera. Beyond the highly professional platform dedicated to promoting contemporary art, Promenade Gallery’s aim is to restore Vlora’s dimension as one of the natural organic centres of the Mediterranean basin.


Rr. Çamëria


GALERiA e BREGDETiT is an independent art space in Radhimë, Vlorë, in the south of Albania. The gallery runs an off-season program to present a different setting for a different mindset of the contemporary art scene.
The gallery surfs the dynamics between the local and the global, and the tension between human space and nature.


Km 8, Radhime, SH8

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