The WRO Center for Media Art Foundation – an independent organization specializing in the areas where contemporary art and culture intersect with developing media. The WRO Art Center’s mission includes organizing exhibitions, screenings, lectures and workshops, and developing projects that encompass art, publishing, education and publicity – all in the realm of contemporary art.


ul. Widok 7 50-052

Wrocław Contemporary Museum 

Wrocław Contemporary Museum was established by Wrocław City Council in 2011. The program and mission of the Museum have been expressed in the WCM program conception by Piotr Krajewski and Dorota Monkiewicz.


pl. Strzegomski 2a,

Cave is an artist-run gallery dedicated to exhibiting and promoting new trends in emerging young generation of artists and researching current aesthetic and theoretic issues of contemporary art.

Bolesława Chrobrego 24/1